Great long takes

The holiday season is getting closer and for many, that means extra time to watch moves.  There are probably numerous films on your “to watch list”, but why not use this time to also revisit some good old classics? So on that occasion I have gathered a list of some cinematography candy, searching the internets for great long takes.

long take or oner is an uninterrupted shot in a film which lasts much longer than the conventional editing pace either of the film itself or of films in general, usually lasting several minutes. It can be used for dramatic and narrative effect if done properly, and in moving shots is often accomplished through the use of a dolly or Steadicam. Long takes of a sequence filmed in one shot without any editing are rare in films.

Unfortantly many great scenes can no longer be found on the internets, but at the bottom of this article you’ll find a list of film directors, known for their long takes.


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    12 Best Long Takes in Film History:

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