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Hi there.

My name is Adrian Minde and this is my little corner of the web. I am a curious person with a passion for knowledge and creativity. As a filmmaker, teacher and explorer, I believe in the power of storytelling and the idea that stories can change our world.

This site started as a documentation of my interests, with posts ranging from my portfolio to philosophical ramblings about the meaning of life. Through this content I have tried to explain what I do for work, what I do for fun, but have also ended up posting what I think when doing neither of those things.

The goal has been to convince you that this site is worth your time and to keep you coming back to read. It is a testament to my belief in the power of the internet, its wonders and the people.

Thanks for checking out my site, and I hope my ramblings can pique your curiosity!



Start helgen med “Everything”

Siden det straks er helg, synes jeg du skal gi den en god start, med denne gameplay-traileren av "Everything". Artist og filmskaper David O'Reilly har skapt et interaktivt opplevelse og virkelighetsimulerings-spill uten en slutt. O'Reillys beskriver [...]

Dette er blockchain

Blockchain er teknologi som åpner for helt nye muligheter, på samme måte som internett gjorde i sin tid. Men hva er det? Bitcoin er en kryptovaluta Da den heldigitale valutaen Bitcoin dukket opp i [...]

Happy Birthday Paul Gascoigne!

Paul Gascoigne celebrates his 50th birthday on Saturday, May 27. The birthday boy, affectionately known as Gazza, has been described as the most naturally-gifted English footballer of his generation. He was born and raised in Gateshead, Tyne and [...]

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