Start helgen med “Everything”


Siden det straks er helg, synes jeg du skal gi den en god start, med denne gameplay-traileren av "Everything". Artist og filmskaper David O'Reilly har skapt et interaktivt opplevelse og virkelighetsimulerings-spill

Start helgen med “Everything”2017-06-09T15:27:15+02:00

10 år siden Syd Barrett


I dag er det 10 år siden vi mistet Roger Keith Barrett, mest kjent som Syd Barrett. En av grunnleggerne av Pink Floyd, bandets første frontfigur, låtskriver, gitarist og hovedvokalist. Og selv om

10 år siden Syd Barrett2016-10-13T07:09:39+02:00

52 Characters From “The Wire”


Unlike most TV shows, which manage their drama in three acts, episodes of The Wire typically take place across five. In interviews, David Simon, the show’s creator, has stressed the show’s underpinnings

52 Characters From “The Wire”2016-10-13T07:09:55+02:00

Evolution of the Batman Logo


The Evolution of Batman poster designed by Cathryn Lavery from Calm the Ham is a visual history of the Batman symbol over the years. I can’t think of any consumer

Evolution of the Batman Logo2016-10-13T07:09:57+02:00

Defending the Death Star


Old age meets new age. Defending the Death Star with A little Data Center Design takes a concept that people can relate to (Star Wars) and applies modern day data

Defending the Death Star2013-02-13T18:39:37+01:00

The Cosmonaut, a Film by More Than 5000 People


The Cosmonaut is a transmediatic experience that has broken all the world’s crowdfunding records by raising €130,000 in 3 days. Proposing a new model of financing, production and distribution; and

The Cosmonaut, a Film by More Than 5000 People2016-10-13T07:09:57+02:00

Back to the Future


While posting Bring Your Photography to Life about the talented photographer Tom Hussey and his award winning campaign with photographs of older people looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror, I remembered running across

Back to the Future2016-10-13T07:09:59+02:00

Steven Spielberg Reveals He Is Dyslexic


One of the biggest american filmmakers of all time, Steven Spielberg, was diagnosed with dyslexia just a couple of years ago. “It explained a lot of things,” Spielberg told Quinn Bradlee (the

Steven Spielberg Reveals He Is Dyslexic2016-10-13T07:10:08+02:00

Man Feed Swans


"Sometimes it all just sort of comes together. Plan all you want, but most absolutely perfect moments tend to require a bit of serendipity, rather than choreography." Joe Berkowitz writes

Man Feed Swans2016-10-13T07:10:10+02:00

Great long takes


The holiday season is getting closer and for many, that means extra time to watch moves.  There are probably numerous films on your “to watch list”, but why not use this

Great long takes2016-10-13T07:10:11+02:00
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