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The Cosmonaut is a transmediatic experience that has broken all the world’s crowdfunding records by raising €130,000 in 3 days.

Proposing a new model of financing, production and distribution; and making the most of the available communication tools: the Internet, social networks and mobile communities. Approaching the audience from the beginning of the project, fostering a close and transparent relationship, inviting them to participate in the process of the film’s production by inviting them to be part of a community through the use and distribution of material licensed under Creative Commons. It is one of the first projects in the world to try to create a new business model based on added values and stimulating the participation of the audience.

On May 14th the film will be available to view for free. However, with an investment of €5 to €50 (about $6.55 to $65.46) you can purchase the “K-Pass” to gain access to tons of extras: 32 additional web episodes, mockumentary, a “secret newsletter”, and the opportunity to copy, remix, and distribute the film as you wish.

The Synopsis

“The Cosmonaut” is a story about memory and desire. Even those memories that exist only in one’s imagination.” October 1975. Stan prepares to become the first Russian cosmonaut on the Moon. Andrei, his best friend, manages the mission. In the tense last days before departure, Stan thinks about Yulia, the woman they both have been in love with since her arrival to the City of the Stars, more than ten years ago. They finalize the details of the mission, but just two days after takeoff the spacecraft loses communication with Earth. For seven months, Andrei and Yulia look for him day and night without rest. One day the ship returns to Earth. After it falls, there is no trace of the cosmonaut. The confusion increases with the beginning of a series of radio transmissions: Stan is speaking from an undisclosed location. He says that he’s back on Earth and claims to have found it empty. Little by little, a new, strange and dangerous triangle begins to take form.

The Movie

3482967349_9531f26f12_oThe final result of The Cosmonaut won’t differ to the quality of a conventional film. A measured economic production, the total commitment of the technicians and a clever use of the resources will make each minute of the film looks like if it’s cost were 4 times higher.

Thanks to our contact in Moscú, J ulia Blatún, we’ll be able to shoot in a city where cosmonauts have been trained since 1960 and which has remained practically the same since that time. That’s why, it’s an ideal location but low cost too since the historical recreation will be practically inexistent.

Part of the shooting will take place in Madrid, where Riot Cinema has its offices, to cheapen some of the costs.

Previous agreements of service with a local producer, adding it up to the help of the Russian embassy in Spain and the Spanish one in Russia, and the support of various cosmonauts and other Russian institutions, will allow the team to have a several week shooting in Moscow with a mix of Spanish and Russian technicians.

The K Program and K-PASS

The K Program is all of the following:

  • A meeting point for the Cosmonaut’s producers, where they can share their experiences through our Facebook group, where they also have a forum to make comments about all the films aspects.
  • A personal number to participate in the draw of a cosmanaut suit and many others that we’ll make during the time of the project.
  • A place where they can find out first hand of all the novelty and exclusive news and see all the material that is generated by the film before anywhere else.
  • The possibility of having a direct participation in the activities organized for the community: parties, releases, debates, assistance to the shooting…
  • The possibility of having a direct participation helping with the production and promotion, through our crowdsourcing platform.
  • ”The Cosmonaut” full experience. 6 hours of added content behind the scenes and much more.
  • 30 episodes that expand the story of the movie
  • Alternative ending.
  • 5 minute documentary “The Moon Files”.
  • The documentary “The Hummingbird”
  • The controversial and juicy “Fighting Of”
  • Audiocommentaries
  • Original soundtracks
  • Secret newsletter
  • Exclusive contests

Content activation will start in their website by early April. Meanwhile, they’ll make exciting revelations in their secret newsletter. Yay!



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