Dronevideo: Sisselfossen


Jeg hat oppgradert min lille gamle Hubsan-drone, til en ny og flott DJI Mavic Pro og har vært ute og testet litt i skogen. Resultatet ser du nederst på denne

Dronevideo: Sisselfossen2017-09-29T08:14:17+02:00

Slåttonn med ljå


Under Slåttelaugets faglige samling på Stiklestad den 20. juni, hadde to av mine dokumentarfilmer om slått og myrslått, premierevisning. Filmene er nå også gjort tilgjengelig for strømming på internett. Slåttelauget er en sammenslutning av grunneiere i

Slåttonn med ljå2017-09-29T09:18:14+02:00

Google Earth Pro is now free


Over the last 10 years, businesses, scientists and hobbyists from all over the world have been using Google Earth Pro for everything from planning hikes to placing solar panels on

Google Earth Pro is now free2016-10-13T07:09:51+02:00

The Cosmonaut, a Film by More Than 5000 People


The Cosmonaut is a transmediatic experience that has broken all the world’s crowdfunding records by raising €130,000 in 3 days. Proposing a new model of financing, production and distribution; and

The Cosmonaut, a Film by More Than 5000 People2016-10-13T07:09:57+02:00

James Bond: 50 Years of Movies


James Bond: 50 Years of Movies infographic from hrblock.com is all about Bond, James Bond. See the top grossing films, iconic bond accessories and more. It’s been almost 50 years

James Bond: 50 Years of Movies2013-02-13T18:39:43+01:00

Google Street View or Clever Editing?


The Grand Rapids, Mich., sextet, an outlaw country outfit that likes "Fishing, Hunting" and "Ridin' in the Hillbilly Hummer and the Hummer Deluxe," just dropped a new music video for

Google Street View or Clever Editing?2016-10-13T07:09:57+02:00

Filmmaking: Where do You Fit In?


There are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of jobs associated with filmmaking. In this interactive chart, you can view the hierarchy of diverse roles on set, from pre-production to post-production, to help

Filmmaking: Where do You Fit In?2016-10-13T07:09:59+02:00

What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?


Filmmaking. Filmmakers. J. R. Legend has been in the business 22 years. He's seen filmmakers come and go, and they always seem to fit into 4 categories. The one hit wonders.

What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?2016-10-13T07:09:59+02:00

Epic POV action music video


Buzzing all over the internett right now! Here is a pretty epic POV action music video, shot with a GoPro. The Biting Elbows video (titled Bad Motherfucker) comes to us

Epic POV action music video2016-10-13T07:10:01+02:00

How to Use Creative Commons Media


Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. Their free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give

How to Use Creative Commons Media2016-10-13T07:10:01+02:00
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