Backpacker 2


I went to a seminar today, about games in education and it made me think of the old Backpacker-series. Released as Backpacker 1, 2 and 3, where the first two

Backpacker 22012-10-25T20:34:26+02:00

Top 10: Why First-Time Freelancers Fail


So you have been thinking of quitting your day job and starting up as a freelancer? Beware of these 10 things that can sink your business before it sets sail, listed by Freelance switch: There’s quite

Top 10: Why First-Time Freelancers Fail2017-09-20T13:40:02+02:00

20 Digital Cinema Camera Pocket Guides


Evan Luzi, who runs a fantastically practical site about being a top-notch camera assistant called The Black and Blue, has put together a total of 20 pocket guides for basically every major filmmaking

20 Digital Cinema Camera Pocket Guides2017-09-20T13:40:16+02:00

Shooting Sports “ENG” Style with Red ONE


Tom Guilmette has been working in sports television for over a decade. He's seen standard definition turn to high definition and technology improve to help live remote broadcasts bring the action

Shooting Sports “ENG” Style with Red ONE2016-10-13T07:10:13+02:00

Er du mann nok?


Har du lyst til å joine meg og Team Cookie Duster for samle inn mest penger i Norge under Movember-kampanjen? Jeg ønsker å være med å fremme kampanjen som gir

Er du mann nok?2016-10-13T07:10:13+02:00

What Chair?


The other day, I ran across this little story online. So in the spirit of a little philosophy, I thought I’d share it with you: An eccentric philosophy professor gave a one

What Chair?2012-10-17T06:48:14+02:00

Netflix endelig til Norge


Tidligere i år skrev jeg om at Netflix endelig skulle komme til Norge. Men sansynlig vis med en annen pris og mindre bibliotek enn i f.eks. USA. Og Nå ser

Netflix endelig til Norge2012-10-17T06:49:36+02:00

My favorite TV Series of All Time!


There are so many great TV Series out there, and the discussions returns to the conversation over and over. So I’ve decided to publish a poll, to find out what the rest of

My favorite TV Series of All Time!2016-10-13T07:10:13+02:00

The Mexican fisherman


Many years ago I went to an event, where this guy was talking about living a good and happy life. At one point, he read this little story that really

The Mexican fisherman2021-03-02T12:56:59+01:00
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