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Evan Luzi, who runs a fantastically practical site about being a top-notch camera assistant called The Black and Blue, has put together a total of 20 pocket guides for basically every major filmmaking camera in use right now — from the Canon 7D all the way to the RED EPIC and Arri Alexa.

This is what Evan had to say about the guides:

The pocket guides have been completely redesigned to provide a more consistent experience from guide-to-guide. That means they’re faster and easier to navigate in the chaos of a shoot…When you download the pocket guides, you are automatically signed-up to receive free updates. So if a camera’s newly released firmware changes any of the material on the guide, you’ll be alerted as soon as you can download a fresh copy of the pocket guide. And if a new pocket guide is added, you’ll be given instant access to that, too. (At anytime you can unsubscribe from these updates and your info won’t be sold or used for any purpose besides letting you know when a new pocket guide is available.)

The guides are offered on a pay-what-you-want basis, so you can give as little as nothing (which I don’t recommend). Seeing what you get, it should at least be worth $1 per guide.

Del denne historien, velg plattform!

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