What Makes a Travel Writer?


For those who would love to travel and write, the What Makes a Travel Writer? infographic from hotelclub.com is the infographic for you. This infographic covers the ages and careers

What Makes a Travel Writer?2016-10-13T07:09:57+02:00

What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?


Filmmaking. Filmmakers. J. R. Legend has been in the business 22 years. He's seen filmmakers come and go, and they always seem to fit into 4 categories. The one hit wonders.

What’s Your Place in the Film Industry?2016-10-13T07:09:59+02:00

How to Use Creative Commons Media


Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. Their free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give

How to Use Creative Commons Media2016-10-13T07:10:01+02:00

Sources for Royalty Free Music


As you probably know, you are cannot use music freely in your movies or a podcast for that matter. You must gain permission to use other people's material and often

Sources for Royalty Free Music2017-09-20T13:38:40+02:00

Surviving a 48-Hour Film Contest


There are a lot of 48-Hour film competitions out there. They are usually a contest in which teams of filmmakers are assigned a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of

Surviving a 48-Hour Film Contest2016-10-13T07:10:01+02:00

My Favorite Websites


I spend a lot of time online, both at my work and in my off hours, and find there are certain key sites who do a great job to help

My Favorite Websites2017-09-20T13:39:00+02:00

The DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit


Here is a great visual guide for the cash-strapped filmmaker who has the ambitious vision but lacks a Hollywood budget. A handy guide to do-it-yourself production equipment and tools! From

The DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit2016-10-13T07:10:05+02:00

Kjøpe nytt kamera?


Det nærmer seg jul og i år som så mange år før, vil det nok ligge mange flotte digitalkameraer under juletreet. Men det er ikke alle som vet hvilket kamera

Kjøpe nytt kamera?2017-09-20T13:39:39+02:00

Free Photography Course


Marc Levoy's Photography course @ Stanford University, is now freely available on the Stanford website. Everything from PowerPoint presentations and lectures to animations that explain some photography theory, and various

Free Photography Course2019-01-12T20:31:09+01:00
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