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If you’re a photographer or retoucher, there are certain Photoshop techniques you just have to know. Tutvid and  have made this amazing 4-part free mini-course about retouching, that walks you through the basics of photoshop and explains why they’re important and how to use them.

Photoshop is full of capabilities and always have at least five ways to accomplish any one task. But, it can be very daunting to tackle the application when you’re first starting out. Luckily, Nathaniel Dodson from tutvid created this awesome set of tutorials that covers 30 essential techniques. You’ll learn how to get rid of flyaway hairs, make selections, dodging and burning, color correction, and much more. Or as they say on their own page:

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll tackle the first 9 techniques of about 30 techniques in this first of a 4-part mini-course on the basics of getting started retouching your photos in Photoshop today! We’ll talk about Camera RAW, bit depth and the geeky numbers behind what makes bit depth so important (even I can admit that it’s kinda boring,) lens corrections, white balance, chroma aberration corrections, slimming a figure and transforming a body shape with liquify, healing skin blemishes, the power of adjustment layers, selecting hair and other complex stuff with the power of Select and Mask, and tons of other things in between.

Del denne historien, velg plattform!

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