30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know


If you're a photographer or retoucher, there are certain Photoshop techniques you just have to know. Tutvid and Nathaniel Dodson have made this amazing 4-part free mini-course about retouching, that walks you

30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know2017-09-20T14:57:21+02:00

Back to the Future


While posting Bring Your Photography to Life about the talented photographer Tom Hussey and his award winning campaign with photographs of older people looking at the reflection of their younger self in a mirror, I remembered running across

Back to the Future2016-10-13T07:09:59+02:00

Bring Your Photography to Life


Commercial advertising photographer Tom Hussey photographed an award winning campaign for Novartis' Exelon Patch, a prescription medicine for the treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia. The highly conceptual photographs

Bring Your Photography to Life2017-09-20T13:38:23+02:00

Man Feed Swans


"Sometimes it all just sort of comes together. Plan all you want, but most absolutely perfect moments tend to require a bit of serendipity, rather than choreography." Joe Berkowitz writes

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Life is like a camera…


I found this picture (with a great quote) over at FilmmakingIQ and felt a need to re-share it with everyone. Life is like a camera.. Just focus on what's important

Life is like a camera…2013-02-08T12:59:20+01:00

Kjøpe nytt kamera?


Det nærmer seg jul og i år som så mange år før, vil det nok ligge mange flotte digitalkameraer under juletreet. Men det er ikke alle som vet hvilket kamera

Kjøpe nytt kamera?2017-09-20T13:39:39+02:00

Free Photography Course


Marc Levoy's Photography course @ Stanford University, is now freely available on the Stanford website. Everything from PowerPoint presentations and lectures to animations that explain some photography theory, and various

Free Photography Course2019-01-12T20:31:09+01:00

The Last Answer


One of my favorite authors of all time, Isaac Asimov, is an American best known for his works of science fiction. Some years ago, I stumbled upon his two short stories “The Last

The Last Answer2016-10-13T07:10:15+02:00
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