10 år siden Syd Barrett


I dag er det 10 år siden vi mistet Roger Keith Barrett, mest kjent som Syd Barrett. En av grunnleggerne av Pink Floyd, bandets første frontfigur, låtskriver, gitarist og hovedvokalist. Og selv om

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Simon Brett Band


Biography Simon Brett Band - formed in 2011. This three piece Blues Rock band is fronted by guitarist and singer Simon Brett. His approach is to play various styles of

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Google Street View or Clever Editing?


The Grand Rapids, Mich., sextet, an outlaw country outfit that likes "Fishing, Hunting" and "Ridin' in the Hillbilly Hummer and the Hummer Deluxe," just dropped a new music video for

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Epic POV action music video


Buzzing all over the internett right now! Here is a pretty epic POV action music video, shot with a GoPro. The Biting Elbows video (titled Bad Motherfucker) comes to us

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Sources for Royalty Free Music


As you probably know, you are cannot use music freely in your movies or a podcast for that matter. You must gain permission to use other people's material and often

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White Lies concert on the 28th


I’m going to Glasgow on the 28th of November, for a White Lies concert. Tickets £15 and can be bought at the Ticketmaster-website. Never heard of them? Check them out

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