Kjøpe nytt kamera?


Det nærmer seg jul og i år som så mange år før, vil det nok ligge mange flotte digitalkameraer under juletreet. Men det er ikke alle som vet hvilket kamera

Kjøpe nytt kamera?2017-09-20T13:39:39+02:00

My new Tottenham Logo


I'm working on a new Logo/Mascot for my Tottenham-fan page, and I was wondering if you would be so kind and give me some feedback of the design. It's inspired

My new Tottenham Logo2016-10-13T07:10:11+02:00

Short Film ‘Birthday’


Ryan Koo over at NoFilmSchool made me aware of the great and moving short film by Pietro Malegori, 'Birthday'. The filmmaker him self, describes the film like this: When we lose someone,

Short Film ‘Birthday’2016-10-13T07:10:11+02:00

Free Photography Course


Marc Levoy's Photography course @ Stanford University, is now freely available on the Stanford website. Everything from PowerPoint presentations and lectures to animations that explain some photography theory, and various

Free Photography Course2019-01-12T20:31:09+01:00

What’s hot in travel for 2013?


Lonely Planet's team of travel experts, authors, commissioning editors and selected members of our travel community have been banging heads hard to find the answer. After months of ferocious, even

What’s hot in travel for 2013?2016-10-13T07:10:13+02:00
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