What Makes a Travel Writer?


For those who would love to travel and write, the What Makes a Travel Writer? infographic from hotelclub.com is the infographic for you. This infographic covers the ages and careers

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11 Great Podcasts for Story Lovers


Jan Bear writes about using the internet to market your book and teaches authors and other small business people how to get started on the internet in a weekly podcast, Marketing Savvy. She

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500 Free Audio Books


As i pointed out in my 500 Free Movies Online-post, the Open Culture site have also listed over 500 free audio books (mostly classics), you can download to your MP3 player or computer. Below,

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The Mexican fisherman


Many years ago I went to an event, where this guy was talking about living a good and happy life. At one point, he read this little story that really

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The Last Answer


One of my favorite authors of all time, Isaac Asimov, is an American best known for his works of science fiction. Some years ago, I stumbled upon his two short stories “The Last

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Fearless Cover Letter!


Robert Greene’s 50th Law, which says, in essence, to fear nothing is a concept most struggle with. Not Hunter S. Thompson – at least in the context of applying for a job with

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