For 34 år siden i dag, 27. juli 1987, veiledet av produsent-trioen Stock Aitken Waterman, ble det gitt ut en singel som har endret verden. En dansepop-sang laget av en


My Favorite Websites


I spend a lot of time online, both at my work and in my off hours, and find there are certain key sites who do a great job to help

My Favorite Websites2017-09-20T13:39:00+02:00

Infographic Saturday


I'm a big fan of well made infographics and if you're searching the internet, you'll find plenty of them. To show my appreciation, I've decided to start a new series, called Infographic

Infographic Saturday2016-10-13T07:10:11+02:00

Facebook Cover Templates


I'm working on some Facebook Timeline Cover Templates for Photoshop, which you can download and edit for free. There is no "Help-file" or "How to..-guide", in the pacage. But with

Facebook Cover Templates2017-09-20T13:39:23+02:00
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