Hvordan lage og bruke en papir-lommebok

https://www.coindesk.com/information/paper-wallet-tutorial/ Et av de mest populære alternativene for å holde dine bitcoins trygge er noe som kalles en lommebok. Her forklarer vi hvordan du overfører alle de digitale mynten til et fysisk papirformat ved hjelp av bare en skriver. Merk at i denne veiledningen snakker vi om bitcoin. De grunnleggende konseptene gjelder imidlertid for enhver annen kryptokurrency; for eksempel litecoin. [...]

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30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know

If you're a photographer or retoucher, there are certain Photoshop techniques you just have to know. Tutvid and Nathaniel Dodson have made this amazing 4-part free mini-course about retouching, that walks you through the basics of photoshop and explains why they're important and how to use them. Photoshop is full of capabilities and always have at least five ways to accomplish any [...]

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Se alle Premier League kampene 2013/14

Ettersom Premier League og Sky endret reglene på visning av de forskjellige kampene (sesongen 2013/14), og jeg lenge har vært en smule misfornøyd med TV2’s Premier League tilbud (Sumo), så har jeg vært på leting etter et alternativ. Reglene er slik at europeiske TV-kanaler kun kan sende en kamp klokken 15:00 (16:00 i Norge), på lørdager. Utenfor Europa har man de samme [...]

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Pantone Swatches For Beer

There is no finer nerdom than beer nerdom. As oenophiles scrutinize the nose and legs of the fermented grape, so too do beer aficionados track the bite, mouthfeel, and froth of the grain. After a few thousand years of history, sheer obsession has elevated the humblest of home brews to a nuanced beverage worthy of the world’s finest tasting menus. [...]

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Different Types of Wine

Do you know all of the different types of wine? This infographic from winefolly.com organizes almost 200 types of wine by taste and style. Take advantage of this chart as a great way to discover new types of wine.  

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Evolution of the Batman Logo

The Evolution of Batman poster designed by Cathryn Lavery from Calm the Ham is a visual history of the Batman symbol over the years. I can’t think of any consumer logo that has changed this much, but the Batman logo remains a very powerful and recognizable brand. A comprehensive and extensive chart of the Batman logo evolution, spanning over 72 [...]

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Defending the Death Star

Old age meets new age. Defending the Death Star with A little Data Center Design takes a concept that people can relate to (Star Wars) and applies modern day data center technologies. Brought to you by Data Center Reports. When Aristotle first explained the concept of “hamartia” in Poetics, he probably didn’t know just how many hero and villain stories [...]

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The Cosmonaut, a Film by More Than 5000 People

The Cosmonaut is a transmediatic experience that has broken all the world’s crowdfunding records by raising €130,000 in 3 days. Proposing a new model of financing, production and distribution; and making the most of the available communication tools: the Internet, social networks and mobile communities. Approaching the audience from the beginning of the project, fostering a close and transparent relationship, [...]

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James Bond: 50 Years of Movies

James Bond: 50 Years of Movies infographic from hrblock.com is all about Bond, James Bond. See the top grossing films, iconic bond accessories and more. It’s been almost 50 years since Sean Connery first delivered those now-legendary words on the big screen. And 22 films later (with #23 on the way in November), the super suave super-spy known as 007 [...]

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What Makes a Travel Writer?

For those who would love to travel and write, the What Makes a Travel Writer? infographic from hotelclub.com is the infographic for you. This infographic covers the ages and careers of these writers, and also what technology they use. If you’ve ever wanted to become a travel writer, you’ve probably wondered about the tools and resources the pros use to [...]

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