Dette er blockchain


Blockchain er teknologi som åpner for helt nye muligheter, på samme måte som internett gjorde i sin tid. Men hva er det? Bitcoin er en kryptovaluta Da den heldigitale

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Happy Birthday Paul Gascoigne!


Paul Gascoigne celebrates his 50th birthday on Saturday, May 27. The birthday boy, affectionately known as Gazza, has been described as the most naturally-gifted English footballer of his generation. He was born and

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30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know


If you're a photographer or retoucher, there are certain Photoshop techniques you just have to know. Tutvid and Nathaniel Dodson have made this amazing 4-part free mini-course about retouching, that walks you

30 Photoshop Techniques Every Photographer Should Know2017-09-20T14:57:21+02:00
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How ‘Twin Peaks’ Invented Modern Television


The sensational entrance into mass consciousness of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks, 27 years ago, was an event that defies replication. To begin with, back then there actually

How ‘Twin Peaks’ Invented Modern Television2017-05-22T13:28:58+02:00
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It’s not what you think


Chris Cornell died early Friday morning. He hanged himself in the bathroom of his hotel room in Detroit. For two days, I’ve been working on a piece to pay tribute

It’s not what you think2017-05-22T13:28:22+02:00
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