What Do You Think Of My Site?


I’d really like to know what you think of my website. It’s as easy as clicking one of the alternatives down below. Don’t worry, it’s only one question. But if

What Do You Think Of My Site?2012-09-24T09:55:07+02:00

The Lively Morgue


I love this Tumblr. The New Your Times Photo-bog: The Lively Morgue For generations, most of the photographs housed in the newsroom archive of The New York Times — known affectionately

The Lively Morgue2016-10-13T07:10:15+02:00

Unifying all blogs!


As I run several blogs online, I’m trying out “Managewp” to manage all blogs from one dashboard. This could be a handy feature in the sense of posting to several

Unifying all blogs!2016-10-13T07:10:15+02:00
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