Commencement speeches


I touched the subject in my earlier post, Regrets of the dying, but since we’re in the season for commencement speeches, I thought I’d link to a couple more. Some of

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Regrets of the dying


Floating around on the internet one night, I found a list of the biggest regrets of the dying, made by a palliative care nurse called Bronnie Ware. Searching for and following the connections of this interesting subject,

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Successful Alcoholics


After its round on the film festival circuit, Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Successful Alcoholics is ready to take over the world wide web. It premiered at Sundance 2010 and has played at over 30 festivals since

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TED – Ideas Worth Spreading


I know I’ve mentioned this site before, but I think it’s so good, it is worth mentioning again. One of my favorite websites of all time, used for inspiration, education

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Fearless Cover Letter!


Robert Greene’s 50th Law, which says, in essence, to fear nothing is a concept most struggle with. Not Hunter S. Thompson – at least in the context of applying for a job with

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75 Abandoned Theaters From Around The USA


I’ve always wanted to own a cainema and seeing these pictures, wish I could buy and restore one these abandoned picture houses. Matt over at Buzzfeed, has gathered a large collection of pictures of

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Star Wars Uncut


Finally, the crowd-sourced project has been stitched together and put online for your streaming pleasure. The “Director’s Cut” is a feature-length film that contains hand-picked scenes from the entire

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Testing WordPress for iPad


Almost everywhere I go, I take either my iPhone or iPad with me. With WiFi, 3G and now 4G, there is pretty much Internet accesses all over the world as

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