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I’m Adrian, a filmmaker, teacher, entrepreneur, Spurs-fan, explorer and internet geek. I thrive on sparks of creativity, while roaming this world and great stories seek.

What is this?

We where cleaning out an old house over the weekend and we stumbled across this odd-looking thing, but we have no clue what it is. I've asked my grand parents and even started a thread over at Reddit r/whatisthisthing, but I don't think we've solved it yet. Some of the suggestions so far are: one of those things that you [...]

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Watch out Google! Blockchain will set us free from data tyranny

Do you know how much data you actually own? You would think it would be a lot, right? We’re constantly feeding the internet with our personal information, traits, habits, and characteristics — so at least some of that data should belong to us personally. Shared via Pocket. Read full article here, at the publisher's site.» http://bit.ly/2i0932P

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